Get Beautiful Butt In 3 Simple Steps!

Hey there, everyone, my name’s Patty – welcome to my little website!

If you were like me, you’ve always gone through life wishing and dreaming of a bigger butt. I’ve got a decent pair of boobs (or so I’ve been told), which is all well and great and the girls certainly have their uses, but unfortunately my genetics gifted me with a complete, flat-as-a-board butt to go with them.

Some girls are self-conscious about their weight, some are self-conscious about their boobs, and some are self-conscious about weird things like their ankles. As for me, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been RIDICULOUSLY self-conscious about my butt. It sucked. It was flat. It was bland. Heck, it practically looked like a boy’s butt!

I mean, I even went so far as to start wearing baggy sweatpants practically every day to help hide my lack of behind…

Exercise Is Not Everything… Or is it?

Although I’d heard of the various exercises that you could do to help make your butt bigger and rounder, I never really put much stake in them. It just never made much sense to me, but then again, I barely passed biology in high school, so what did I know?

Like I said before, I’d pretty much given up on ever having a butt I could be proud of and flaunt wherever I went, even going so far as to wear baggy sweat pants and such to help hide my lack of assets.

So it came as a great surprise when my friend Judy mentioned offhand to me in a text message about a system she’d tried out that had practically doubled the size of her own butt.

Although, I was a bit skeptical, after I saw Judy in person and saw for myself the increased size of her rear end, she had my utmost attention from that point forward.

She told me that she had stumbled upon a “product” called “Bigger Better Butt” and that unlike a lot of the other products you hear about for practically every ailment imaginable, this one was associated more-so with a system.

Trick #1

You see, you don’t just take some the supplement and expect your ass to double in size over the coming days. Instead, it’s recommended that you perform the recommended home exercises to initiate the process.

Online underground group of women who’ve tried the system recommend it in a large variety of different places online. Thankfully for me, my friend Judy became aware of the Bigger Better Butt system through just such a place.

Despite seeing Judy’s results with my own eyes, I still went into the entire process a bit skeptical and without very much confidence. I don’t know, I think I just went for so long having a flat-as-a-board butt that I’d sub-consciously resigned myself that that was how it was going to be for life. I mean, it almost sounded too good to be true!

The exercises that are generally recommended to perform are all ones that you can perform in the comfort of your own home. The list of exercises is even so varied that you can pretty much pick and choose which of them you want to do as well.

Although you’ll hear all sorts of recommendations and opinions as to which particular exercises work the best, generally due to the fact that how effective a given exercise is will vary from woman to woman (genetics, body type, weight, etc. etc.), I personally found two of the suggested exercises to be vastly more effective than any of the others. Not to mention they’re ridiculously simple to perform as well, which is always a good thing!

Tricks #2 and #3

forward lunge
The first exercise that I found to be super effective is called the forward lunge.

Basically, you slowly go forward to one knee as far as you can stretch out and then resume the act as if you were continuing to walk forward, followed by lunging forward to one knee with your OTHER leg. It sounds easy and it’s super simple, but TRUST me — you’re going to feel the burn barely within a minute of starting the exercise.

The other exercise that I found to be really effective technically isn’t an exercise at all really. At least I don’t think so. But the “exercise” is climbing up and down stairs, except you do it at a slow, measured pace. This particular “exercise” is even able to be mixed up a bit, as you can graduate from doing one stair at a time to two or even three (if you’re able) at a time.

In addition, you can also take the steps more quickly to change up the workout, although I definitely recommend that you only do this while going UP the stairs. I had an unfortunate accident that involved me nearly breaking my leg as I tumbled down a few stairs… thankfully, though, no one was around to see it. (At least I hope not!)

When it was all said and done, despite my extreme skepticism, I was amazed and on cloud nine as I watched my rear’s steady progression into a luscious, round bubble that I never in a million years would have believed could have existed on my body.

The Secret Formula

Among the methods that help achieve this results include:

Doing a lot of Cardio Workouts

Cardio exercises help get rid of the excess fats around the waist. Engaging in fun Cardio exercises and moving one’s body around sheds the unwanted fats. There are many enjoyable activities that one can engage in to help flatten the stomach.

Activities like swimming, dancing, cycling and running are fun to do and can be very beneficial.

Cardio exercises should be done 5*30 times a week so as to achieve the best results. The strength training exercises should be done to a certain target.

Doing lunges, stair climbing and squats after every cardio exercises is recommended. The stair climbing should be done while carrying weight. One should always start by carrying small weight that should be increased after two weeks. Starting with 10 to 20 pounds is good but after two weeks one increase the weight with 5 pounds or more.

The addition of weight is to help the butt grow bigger while at the same time making the body look toned. With time a sexy toned figure can be achieved.

Abdominal muscles are generally resistant to fatigue. They can be worked on like any other body muscles and a tiny waist can be easily achieved.

Basic crunching can help improve the body abs but performing an exercise ball crunch is a faster and better way to slim the core of your body down.
These Buttock Enhancement exercises can be performed by:

  • Lying on an exercise ball.
  • The knees are kept bent with the feet to the ground.
  • The stomach tightened as one tries to move up. The shoulders are curled while position of the hip is maintained all throughout.
  • 1 to 3 sets done10 to 12 times a day helps achieve good results.

For more intense workouts:

  • To increase your butt size further, one can use a dumbbell and a bench while at home to step up the exercises.
  • Firstly, the dumbbells are held and one faces the bench.
  • The left leg is moved and placed on the bench followed by the right leg.
  • When stepping down one starts with the right leg then finishes with the left leg.
  • The legs are then alternated and this can be performed repeatedly 10 to 12 times a day in 1 to 3 sets.
The Butt Kickback Routine

The Butt Kickback routine is another great way to increase the size of the buttocks. This can be done by getting all the fours and ensuring the thighs are perpendicular to the ground surface. The head is lifted up followed by the right leg while keeping the left leg bent at 90 degrees.

The right leg should be higher such that it is high above than the head.

The thigh should be maintained horizontally with the body while doing this. While the leg is up in the air, butt muscles should be squeezed. This process should be done seven times before switching legs.Eating healthy is another great way to increase the buttock size. Doing all these exercises and buttock work will be of no use if one does not eat healthy. There are better alternatives to feed on that are more nutritious.

These include the vegetables, fishes, lean meats, fruits, pastas and whole wheat breads. Avoid the intake of junk foods that will cause harm to bodies. Desserts and snacks are not healthy for the body. By combining healthy eating with the exercises for reducing butt, one can see results after a few weeks.

By following these useful tips, one can reduce the size of the waist while increasing the butt size at the same time. These routines if followed regularly, one can achieve the hourglass figure that will make most people envious.

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    1. My bf left me bc i had a small ass. And then started seeing my ex-bestfreind. And she has nothing, like she has no but and she has no breast’s, but yet he stayed with her, which pissed me off

    1. I can totally feel you sister. I have been trying to get my ass big for some time now but no luck.

      I’m gonna try that New Booty pills they recommend and update you here.

      1. Is this pill healthy?
        My doctor said if I don’t get booty bcoz lack of estrogen hormone. And prescribed birth control. So is this another birth control pill?

    2. How long did you do this workout for days wise snd if you did do these did it work and increase your assets

      1. Yes it does work, it took me about 2 to 3 months of working out 3 to 4 days a week. Perseverance don’t give up it is worth it!

  1. My GF is talking about her bottom all the time. I can’t stand it!

    I have recently seen a YouTube video that talks about weight gain/loss and also mentions how to get a flat stomach but your article seems to go even deeper.

    She’s younger than me and she can’t use this whole internet thing! Can you believe that?

    I will tell that little… to check it out 🙂

    Thanks, John

    1. At this moment we only have covered these topics: belly fat, muffin top, getting larger butt and butt injections / products.

      We try to focus mostly on topics related to Brazilian butt but I’m sure we will expand in the near future.

    1. Yes this regimen is proven by hundreds of women to work.

      But I think you are probably asking about the secret ingredient – Brand New Booty.

      Every woman’s body is different and I cannot say that it will 100% work for you as you desire. However, there is some tremendous “testing” and happy customers behind it over the years. Many women have beautiful larges booties thanks to this supp (and proper exercise of course)

      They offer a free trial so why not give it a try and see for yourself?

    1. In order to maintain the state of the butt you have to excercise constantly. At least from time to time. Same with the supplement – you can lower “the dosage” but it is not advised to stop completely.

      Let’s say proportions of your butt are not as you’d like because of your lifestyle. You decide to make a serious change but exercising properly and regularly + taking BNB (Brand New Booty). After some time you will get the booty you desire.


      You decide to go back to your old lifestyle because you already achieved what you wanted. In time, you will lose your achieved results.

      It’s like eating. You can’t eat one year in advance.

  2. I was completely Happy with my purchase. I wear Bootywow occasionally to add more volume to my pear shaped bottom. These are my first pair of bootywow, which are heavier than the foam pads. However, it’s way more realistic.

    1. Hi Cynthia

      On this site there are many options. If you check the butt augmentation news page here you will find links to forums where there is lots of reviews about the buttock enhancement. Also there is a Bigger Butt workout Guide Here which guides you in getting your bombom bigger as well. Plus we have added the different products you can buy on Ebay in the sidebar.

  3. I love booty panty shapers. Especially when the padding is not removable… so it won’t move or contort while wearing. It could be a tad bit more padded though, but I suffer from no-ass-at-all so I need all the help I can get! hah I can also wear them under leggings and no one can see. They have a way of “blending in” with your skin, due to a purposeful thinning at the end of the panty line. only problem is, do to different sellers calling them different names, I actually already own a pair of these. that I bought about a year ago! I’m debating keeping them or not because, like I said, I already have the exact same pair. Although it never hurts to have two…

    1. Thank you for your contribution. You will find there are alot of butt shaper panty products. Check in our side bar for Shapewear Butt Boosters

    1. What kind of help would you like? There are different methods of approaching getting a bigger butt. You can do the butt exercises, or you can have us try and find you a plastic surgery professional in butt augmentation. It really depends on how much money you have and how much time you are willing to spend on achieving your goals. Also how fast you want to achieve them. Let us know more what you seek…

  4. My butt has always been big. Too keep mine growing and in shape, I do squats everyday and if you like them, try eating greens, collard greens every chance you get.

  5. Get bigger butt easily try booty which is make your butt bigger and sexy i also using booty my gym instructor told me about booty

  6. Hi Thanks for all great tips.They are really working for me.
    Could you help me and tell me something for sagging dropping breasts please.
    My life is seriously effected because of this problem.I have no confidence and i am avoiding dating any man.Now i have to lose weight as well and i am so worried that they will become more saggy and may become empty and small if i lose weight.Please help.

    1. Try the Ainterol Pueraria Mirifica from Thailand for breast issues. Alot of women use that and to help firm and prevent sagging of the breasts. I have seen it for sale on (in the green and white label).

  7. I am feeling so guilty for my flat butt compared to the other office coliques. Due to this most of the office guys not looked me. I feel disappointed for not able to find the ways to make my butt bigger. After that I came to know about booty wow via one of my friend sister. Just a test Try, After using booty wow for few weeks, finally felt in love in this product.

  8. I have been using brand new booty for almost 2 weeks and I’ve gained an inch so far! I have consistently done glute exercises in the gym for several years and tend to gain about an inch a year from exercise, so an inch in 2 weeks is amazing. It really nice too!

  9. my gf got a micro ass and she needs a round curvy shape ass pls help with update on how to go about that… thanks in anticipation

    1. Have her start with an exercise regime to help build, flesh on her buttocks, also depending on her metabolism she will have to increase her calorific intake to increase weight while she is doing the exercises.

  10. im going on two weeks using the product! so far my butt is filling out in places ive never had fat, and my butt feels so much perkier and firm! i cant wait to see if itll get better than this when im finished. i reccommend!!!

  11. Am 20yrs short and very slim is there a possibility that this will aid me especially since I look very smallish.

    1. Yes it can help depending on your metabolism, you but you must also increase your calorific intake. That means combined with the product you should eat more to gain weight not only on your buttocks but all over.

  12. Pls can I use the booty while breastfed? Am a nursing mother and I eat a lot now my tummy is becoming too big while my ass is becoming smaller day by day. Pls advice me cos I really need to work on it.

  13. Hey am bella i rilly want a big butt am 15 ys i hav dimples in my butt. Wat can i do for all ov this i dont want regrets in future

  14. I’m going over to a guy’s house next week,and we have been dating online and we want to meet. He knws am slim but i want my butt to be a different story altogether. Do these work in a week?

    1. There is no quick remedy only exercise and eating correctly. You can try some of the different pills available, but we recommend building muscle mass and tone on your buttocks through exercise.

  15. Hey guys

    Isn’t there a way for your butt to grow in a month
    With exercises
    Please answer I really need help

  16. How long did it take for you to see improvement in your butt. I have the same problem I have been told I have a nice pair of boobs but I absolutely have no butt.

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  19. I dont understand why everyone wants a bigger butt. I honestly hate the size of mine and want it to be smaller because i feel too fat. I cant even wear dresses or leggings because it makes my butt look big. Can someone answer that question as to why everyone wants theirs to be bigger?

  20. For the girls, focus on squats and leg curls showed on this site with maximum of repetitions plus rest. Your glutes will get stronger and bigger with overall health. These results will come for sure get regular at this. Good training!

  21. My mother has always complained about not having a butt, so I thought brand new booty serum might help her. So far she says she feels a difference which is a good thing she used her first bottle already

  22. So where do i buy or order it from i have a booty but nothing major..startin to go flat after i had my son..

  23. Great Information!! It is always great to know more ways to keep your body healthy. I didn’t know that cardio workout could help, this is great. Now, there a lot of things you can do to have a big butt. One of the best exercises are squats and Aerobic steps, which are great to boost your butt fast. If you want to know more ways to have a firm butt

  24. Does this really work!? I have heard of it everywhere but never tried it. I have some friends in Middle school and they did it, and it worked. So I am like 12 almost 13 and I don’t know if it would work on me. These people who I have heard of on this site just by reading a few comments I can tell it worked for most of them. So would it work on me perhaps

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  26. Hi, please I really need my but to be bigger thaN the way it is, believe me it’s micro… So I wanna know if there’s a way I can make it bigger without pills and cream.. Thanks

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  28. Hi please help me I really have a small bums,I need help to make my bums bigger pleas help,I’m at South Africa KZN.

    1. That depends on person to person. Let me say once you start the workouts will become addictive. Especially then once you start seeing results.

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  30. well i would like to get help my butt is not all of tat big but I will like u guys to help me out with tat

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