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If you are asking yourself about an effective way to get a big butt easy and quickly, then you have undoubtedly searched online and found pages talking about injections, shots etc…

Now this website primarily deals in Natural Herbal Enhancement Methods combined with exercise and eating correctly. But not to mention injections is like ignoring the elephant in the room. Our female readers are very interested in knowing more about all aspects of enhancement not just the natural ones.

injections results

Without further ado let us introduce you to the subject of this article. ¬†There are many different types of injections methods most of them at the time being are somewhat controversial, mostly in the United States they are prohibited, but are readily available in neighboring countries. Even so it is prohibited in the US you will still find many clinics and as well privately operated outfits performing augmentations “under the table”. We recommend that you exercise caution. Please take the time to read through this buttock enhancement forum before undertaking anything on your own without being prepared. Here is the ¬†Augmentation Message Board, there are thousands of pictures and reviews and advice on there from other women and men that have undergone butt enhancements and augmentations.

Fashion at the moment dictates that having a larger, rounder bottom is considered very attractive for women and even some men. This trend is for women especially who want to look exceptionally beautiful, so that they can impress men, and other women. In this article we are going to discuss the different injection methods that are available to you.

Let me start off by telling you, what is an injection. Buttock injections are a type of augmentation that is less invasive than some other type of augmentation methods.

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Primarily injections are used to shape or to form, in some cases some women and men, use the injection to increase the size as well. The pros of injections as opposed to implants, is that the procedure is much quicker the patient does not need to spend as much time in the recovery process, there is minimal amount of scarring. In some cases where a fat transplant injection occurs, the patient will undergo a liposuction as well as an injection at the same time, so it will serve as a dual function.

Who is this for?

These type of procedures can be undertaken by women or men. There is no one particular group race or ethnic background that is more likely to be interested in augmentations. This procedure usually is appealing to people that have already tried different methods of dieting and exercises and have not seen the success that they want to, basically it can be anyone who is unsatisfied with the size and shape of their butts. Again a word of caution, if you are thinking of undertaking this procedure, we recommend perhaps consulting with a family doctor or a counselor first who may be able to give you other ideas on how you can shape and increase the size.

This video below follows a patient to her buttock fat transfer augmentation procedure.

What can you expect of this injection surgery?

Normally, after the surgery the patient will have a larger more well-formed booty. Depending on which procedure is chosen the time will vary from a few weeks or a few months before the patient is completely healed again. Before the surgery the patient will have to remove their clothing the doctor or applier will markup the body the areas that need to be injected.

even closer look at the augmentation results

They do that for symmetry (both cheeks the same dimensions). Usually the operation itself will not be more than a couple of hours sometimes even much less than this. After the operation different types of compression bandages are used to help protect the areas that have just been operated on. For the next couple of weeks there may be signs of swelling and redness, but if the procedure was successful, and there were no complications, then this will dissipate naturally.


Different types of injection methods that you will encounter in your research

  1. Silicone Injection

This is a popular and common material usually used for implants but in some cases some doctors may use it as a injection. If you are in the United States the ingredients of silicone may not be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This procedure using silicone would probably be one of the more dangerous ingredients to put inside your body, for the simple reason that silicone may shift or it may cause inflammation or infections.

  1. Hydrogel Injections

The Hydrogel injection is probably the one with that is the least invasive, and takes the least amount of time to do. The doctor performing this usually makes a small opening on the booty, the Hydrogel is then pumped in, usually via a syringe. The recovery period is usually very quick just a few days, and the patient may return to their normal daily activities. One of the drawbacks of Hydrogel injections is that it is not permanent, usually it is good for about a year and a half. Then the patient will have to resubmit to another dosage. This procedure is another one that is quite popular in the United States despite the fact that it is also not approved by the FDA and therefore is illegal. In some cases the patient will go to a neighboring country like Canada or Mexico, Caribbean to have the procedure done. The ingredients of Hydrogel hence the name Hydro comprises mostly of water well over 90% consists of water with a small percentage of Polyacrylamide. This type of Hydrogel injection is so popular that it can be purchased as kits online, Albeit it is a black market item that you would be buying, because it is not permitted for sale in a lot of countries.

  1. PMMA

Polymethyl-methacrylate. Is the long form for PMMA. This is a popular brand also for injections, it is actually approved by the FDA but it is quite a bit more expensive than the Hydrogel or other injection products. Of course the larger the enhancement, (i.e. the bigger the one that you want to get) the more it will cost you. This again is a procedure that is often performed in countries other than the United States, countries like, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and various other Caribbean and South American destinations. The pricing in these countries is very much more affordable (usually a fifth or less then the cost of surgery in the US), often the patient then also includes it in their vacation itinerary that they have planned.

  1. Fat Injections, Fat Grafting or Fat Transplant Surgery:

Now one of the more popular and the most healthy of the injections methods is the fat injection or the fat transplant. This you may know as the Brazilian lift. Usually the procedure is as such, the patient will have excess fat in certain areas of the body which they want to reduce. Some examples of areas would be back fat, usually belly fat, love handles, perhaps excessive fat on the back of arms. Once the patient and the doctor have analyzed the body for the areas of excessive fat, the excess fat is then removed from those areas, it is then purified and then re-injected into the. This is one of the more popular injection methods, as stated earlier, because it works as a dual function. Nine out of 10 cases the women or men who want to subject to augmentation have excess fat usually in the stomach area, or love handles, around the waist which they want to try to remove.

We have included a link to a forum or gathering of like minded Enhancement enthusiasts. There are various discussions on where to get injections, what country, who to trust, reviews etc…

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