I want to get ripped abs can I just work off my love handles and get a larger butt at the same time?

Yes you can work off your love handles and get a stronger butt, but the main secret to getting rid of your love handles and increase your size is to exercise your entire body using bodyweight exercises.  You have train all parts of your body to get a flatter stomach.

Will doing just crunches be enough to get ripped abs and a bigger booty?

Truth be told, is you can do crunches all day long, that does not mean that you will get a nice 6 pack abs. To get a ripped core you have to workout all parts of your body to get a lean muscular body mass. With time you will want to gain mass again but this time muscle mass only on your buttocks area. Reducing upper body fat and gaining on the lower body can help reduce many sicknesses.

Is there a chance that I will be sore after each workout?

Generally soreness is perfectly normal, especially when you are a beginner, you may have recently changed up your routine are started on a new activity, with time the soreness will go away as your muscles become more used to the new activity.

Should women do full body strength training?

In this respect the exercises shown on this site can be done by men or women. They were selected to help develop lean body mass, and help develop muscle mass in areas like the buttocks. To lose fat you want to (increase metabolic efficiency). So yes women can do full body training.

How safe are these enhancement product?

We recommend that you clearly read the directions on the label to learn how you can take of and how often . If you are unsure and have questions, we suggest to call your family doctor, or get in touch with a pharmacist.

What is the best method to store these herbal enhancement products?

We suggest to store all your supplements in a place that is out of reach and out of sight of young children. Also keep these products in a cool dry place, this will make sure that they stay effective till their expiration dates. Try to avoid storing in Bathrooms or cabinets  which may become hot or humid due to showers being taken in that room.

Is it Safe to take herbal enhancement products even If I have health problems.

Certain types of Herbal products and supplements may not be completely safe if you have health problems. Depending on your age bracket certain precautions should be taken as well. Very important is to consult a doctor before taking any herbal products.

Can some of the Enhancement products and supplements cause other problems?

Yes, they may have unwanted effects this varies from person to person.  For example some products:

  • May contain glucosamine, which usually contains certain types of sodium.  If your family doctor has restricted your sodium use you may want to refrain from using this product.
  • The Phytoestrogen Black Cohosh has  salicylates as its main ingredient, so if you are allergic or sensitive to aspirins again it would be wise to avoid.

Also make sure that you never take more then the prescribed dosage on the bottle. If you exceed the daily dosage then it more likely that other health problems occur.